Hong Kong government sidesteps calls for action after revelations in Panama Papers

As European nations fast-track proposals to crack down on tax avoidance after the Panama Papers revealed how the world’s wealthy hide their riches, the Hong Kong government sidestepped questions on whether it would take any action.

New official data also revealed that a government agency set up to combat money laundering had passed on more cases than ever for criminal investigation.

The government, however, remained tight-lipped over calls by lawmakers to investigate names linked to secretive Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca or investigate potential illegality among the city’s middlemen who dispense offshore advice.

PolyU owes all of us an answer after ‘Panama Papers’ reveal some dubious dealings

Hong Kong was revealed in the leaked Panama Papers as having the most intermediaries offering services for the purpose of setting up offshore companies to help wealthy clients shelter money. The city was labelled a “top centre for secretive offshore financial services”.

In a written response to

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