Panama Papers law firm approved Vancouver billionaire David Ho despite his criminal charges

Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca created an offshore company for notorious Vancouver billionaire David Ho, even though he was facing criminal charges involving drugs, guns and unlawful confinement of a prostitute, saying “this is not a criminal case related to economic crimes,” the Panama Papers reveal.

The incorporation of Ho’s company is among several that raise questions about the firm’s willingness to overlook red flags for its wealthiest customers, according to a joint investigation by the CBC and the Toronto Star, who have exclusive Canadian access to documents in the Panama Papers. 

Emails and documents about Ho are among the 11 and a half million documents leaked from the international law firm, prompting a worldwide debate over the secretive world of offshore tax havens.

Charges made headlines

Ho made international headlines in 2009 when he was charged with unlawfully confining a prostitute in his Vancouver mansion where police found a loaded, unregistered handgun and 13 grams of cocaine.

Three years later Mossack Fonseca had to decide whether to do

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