Daphne Bramham: Panama Papers reveal curious links between Vancouver and secret tax havens – Regina Leader

A big dump of information like the Panama Papers is an irresistible treasure trove with searchable databases of 320,000 offshore entities that include names and even addresses (246 streets in Vancouver alone) where companies were based or their directors lived or worked.

Of course, there are cautions attached. Nothing in the documents is proof of any wrongdoing by those who used offshore tax havens or those who helped set up the accounts.

Among the more curious entries linked to Vancouver is Lodca Investment Ltd. It was registered in the Bahamas by a Hong Kong intermediary, Louis Lai and Associates, in January 1995 and delisted two years later.

Lodca’s corporate address was an apartment at 1222 Pendrell Street, which seems an unlikely place to find a high roller in need of a secret bank account.

It’s been on the bedbug registry for the past six years and, in 2010, a local TV station reported

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