Brexit won’t help the UK lure tech giants away from Ireland with sweetheart tax deals

With the widespread perception that Apple enjoys a tiny tax bill in the United Kingdom, even as it earns hundreds of millions from consumers here, the tech giant usually sees some public scrutiny when it files its accounts.

But when Apple filed for its UK businesses on June 23, the shock of the Brexit result ensured that there was plenty of other news to keep everyone occupied. While Apple’s filings didn’t go completely unnoticed, the public couldn’t muster its annual outpouring of outrage around the company’s perceived manipulation of its tax bill.

Apple reported that it paid £12.9 million ($17 million) in UK corporation tax for 2015, on the back of pre-tax profit of £106 million for its two main UK entities, Apple Retail UK Ltd and Apple (UK) Ltd. That was derived from revenues of over £1 billion from those two companies.

It’s the seemingly paltry amounts of tax paid

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