Grindetti charged in Panama Papers probe

Lanús mayor and former City Finance minister named in connection with Panama Papers

In a move that could send further shockwaves through the political world, Lanús Mayor and former Buenos Aires City Finance minister Néstor Grindetti was charged with embezzlement yesterday in connection with the so-called Panamá Papers document leak earlier this year.

Grindetti repeatedly denied any wrongdoing after he joined President Mauricio Macri on the list of key Argentine political figures named in the report published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in April. But a legal team led by federal prosecutor Patricio Evers yesterday said there was sufficient evidence to charge the Lanús mayor and key Macri ally with illegal activity relating to the Mercier International offshore company registered in Panamá in Grindetti’s name as “power of attorney” and a Swiss bank account also belonging to the former BA City official.

“Between July 2010 and July 2013, Grindetti may

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