Venezuela and Panama to launch Panama Papers inquiry

Luisa-Ortega1CARACAS – The attorney general of Venezuela has announced an unprecedented joint investigation with their Panamanian counterparts to probe individuals suspected of wrongdoing after their names surfaced in the Panama Papers.

Luisa Ortega Díaz, Venezuela’s attorney general since 2007, shared news of the partnership in a television interview on Sunday.

“I sent a letter to the attorney general of Panama and we created a joint task force of Panamanian and Venezuelan prosecutors – the first of its kind – to investigate these cases,” Venezuela’s top prosecutor told television network Televen.

Ortega hinted that her office’s inquiry had produced a long list of suspects, one of which has already been taken into custody.

The Panama Papers revelations led to the indictment of Venezuelan businessman Josmel Velásquez and his mother on charges of money laundering and participation in a criminal conspiracy. According to the prosecutor’s office, both were

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