Gerard Ryle on the past, present and future of Panama Papers …

When the Panama Papers broke, it almost seemed like a V for Vendetta moment. Finally, the global conspiracy among the world’s wealthiest had been unearthed. Finally, we had what it would take to break a corrupt system. And then, just like that, the clamour died down, seemingly for good.

So what exactly were the Panama Papers, did they actually achieve anything and will anything more come of them? These were the questions that Gerard Ryle, head of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), answered at Talk Journalism 2016 in Jaipur.

The Panama Papers

When The Indian Express suddenly put out teasers on social media promising a major story, it got the entire Indian news media in a frenzy. What was this major break that justified such massive social media build up from the normally restrained Express? Was it just a drastic revamp of their normally sombre social media or would

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