Jon Ashworth’s letter to May over Tory donor with “clear links to tax havens”

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Mr Gerado Lopez Forjaca donation to the Conservative Party

It has come to light that earlier this year the Conservative Party received a large donation from the businessman, Mr Gerado Lopez Forjaca, otherwise known as Gerard Lopez. Mr Lopez is based in Luxembourg, which has a capital gains tax of 0%, and owns or controls many companies that featured in the Panama Papers.

I write to express concern that the Conservative Party accepting donations from an individual with clear links to tax havens could compromise the Conservative government’s commitment to tackling tax avoidance and evasion and the existence of tax havens in British offshore territories.

Tax avoidance is an international issue that deprives countries across the world, including some of the very poorest, of their rightful tax income. Britain has a particular role to play as many of our offshore territories provide the financial secrecy that allow companies to

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