Trump Campaign Calls Out MSNBC’s Brzezinski’s Admitted ‘Bias’

The Donald Trump campaign sent out an email Sunday attacking the “media bias” of a MSNBC host — one the Republican presidential nominee has publicly criticized before via Twitter — saying Friday’s episode “set the bar as low as it could possibly go.”

“Voters expect media to be fair and unbiased,” the email read. “But maybe they’re expecting too much after watching one of the most appalling displays of vicious journalism in ‘Morning Joe’s history.”

The episode featured an interview with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but before she was given “softball questions,” as the email stated, the host admitted to holding bias.

“‘Morning Joe’ host Mika Brzezinski unbelievably went into full meltdown mode and admitted she can’t fairly cover the election unbiasedly, before turning on Pastor Mark Burns.”

Brzezinski said: “And I can’t pretend and, sort of, try to cover this fairly and put into the veil of objectivity.”

To which,

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