Over 50 facing Panama Papers probe

A total of 55 people will face an investigation by the tax authorities over possible tax evasion linked to the Panama Papers, the Sunday Times of Malta has learnt.

Inland Revenue Commissioner Marvin Gaerty told this paper that 30 cases are being investigated and the persons involved notified, while another 25 would be notified in due course.

He said that limited resources made it impossible to audit all individuals at the same time. Information on the Panama Papers investigations has been limited, as Commissioner Gaerty is prohibited by law from commenting on specific cases.

Mr Gaerty said the objective of these tax audits was to determine whether a person had declared the correct income in his or her tax returns.

Minister Without Portfolio Konrad Mizzi publicly declared that he was undergoing an Inland Revenue audit after having been outed in the Panama Papers as having set up a company in Panama sheltered by a

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