Distrust of the establishment : Pirate Party likely to win big in Iceland s parliamentary elections – Yahoo7

Despite being derided for its name and its apparent pro-piracy stance, a large number of Icelanders are likely to vote for the Pirate Party at this weekend’s election.

For much of the past year, the anti-establishment Pirates have been the preferred choice of one in five voters.

The party that could win more than 18 seats in Iceland’s 63-seat parliament that was only started four years ago, but its members have a very specific objective.

“The new constitution,” said candidate Jon Thor Olafsson told Yahoo7.

Iceland Prime minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson (L), leader of the Progressive Party, Pirate Party candidate Jon Thor Olafsson (C), and Oddny Hardardottir, leader of the Social Democratic Alliance. Source: EPA

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