National dragging its feet on anti-money laundering law | Scoop News

Grant Robertson
MP for Wellington Central


31 October

National dragging its feet on anti-money
laundering legislation

The National Government has
once again caved in to special interests and has shelved
plans to introduce legislation this year that would extend
anti-money laundering requirements to lawyers, accountants
and real estate agents, Grant Robertson Labour Finance
Spokesperson says.

“When the heat was on National
earlier this year in the wake of the Panama Papers, John Key
committed his government to fast-tracking legislation to
widen the groups covered by anti-money laundering
provisions. But now with public attention elsewhere he has
quietly slammed on the brakes, and it now looks like there
will be no change in the rules before the next election.

“It seems that once again National is putting their
interests ahead of New Zealand’s. As happened with
earlier attempts to tighten the

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