The next president will face a cybercrisis within 100 days, predicts report

Chinesegovernment hacking will continue in 2017, despite a joint agreement not to conduct cybertheft of intellectual property.

“We expect the same kind of campaigns to continue regardless of the public agreed cease-fires,” said DeMartine.

The massive U.S. Office of Personnel Management breach, which exposed the records of millions of U.S government workers, has strained diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China, since the U.S. believes Chinese spies carried out the attack.

“It could be this is a stepping off point into other areas they are able to exploit,” she said.

Knowing who has access to certain security clearance levels could open up the opportunity for attacks via internet connected devices and having access to health-care records could expose people’s genetic markers or fingerprints.

“They won’t stop, they will gain other information for whatever purpose they are looking for,” said DeMartine.

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