Panamanian organised crime prosecutor obtains extension in …


By Kenneth Rijock

PANAMA CITY, Panama — Javier Caraballo, the lead organised crime prosecutor investigating Panama Papers law firm, Mossack Fonseca, since April 2016, has obtained an extension of time in which to continue his ongoing investigation of alleged criminal conduct at the firm.

He has requested judicial assistance from 16 foreign jurisdictions, and sent out material, after requests were received from six, all arising out of the Panama Papers documents.

The public relations staff at Mossack Fonseca has gone to great pains to deny that the law firm is guilty of money laundering, or of facilitating the proceeds of crime, of corruption, or of terrorist financing.

Perhaps the most bizarre statement to come out of the Mossack firm is its insistence that, notwithstanding that it has drawn the largest six figure fine ever levied by British Virgin Islands regulators for massive AML and CIP deficiencies,

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