Financial intelligence unit is still headless

The State’s anti-money laundering agency, which conducted an investigation related to the Panama Papers, is still without a head after the departure of Manfred Galdes nearly eight months ago.

While Finance Minister Edward Scicluna has stated that the new director of the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) has been selected, his or her identity is still shrouded in mystery. Professor Scicluna simply said the individual was “highly qualified and experienced”.

Attorney General Peter Grech, who chairs the agency’s board of governors, which chooses the director, ignored questions sent by this newspaper 10 days ago. The other representatives on the board are appointed by the Central Bank Governor, the chairman of the Malta Financial Services Authority, and the Police Commissioner.

Sources said the FIAU is currently headed by Dr Galdes’s deputy and not even the staff know who the new person in charge will be.

“The FIAU functions as an independent intelligence agency

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