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The hearing into the Panama Papers petitions seeking disqualification of prime minister has completed and now the nation is impassionedly waiting for the verdict.

Irrespective of who wins or who loses the case, the marathon proceedings spanned over four months have exposed the inherent weaknesses and ineffectiveness of the state institutions which are meant to check corruption in the country.

The heads of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) were grilled for hours by the five-member bench seeking their help in probing the matters relating to the case that could help the court in decision-making, but they refused to budge, citing legal constraints.

The attitude of the anti-corruption bosses forced a judge on the bench to frustratingly declare the death of the NAB, state’s top body entrusted to check corruption.

Corruption has now become one of the major issues in international politics and recently

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