Post Panama Papers verdict: Welcome to the new season of Pakistan’s Game of Thrones!

To understand the dynamics of Pakistani politics, one needs to watch the popular drama series Game of Thrones. Based on George R R Martin’s series of novels A Song of Ice and Fire this drama serial focuses on the moves and conspiracies to win power games. I am sure if the writer or director sees Pakistan’s version of Game of Thrones they would forget their own drama series.

In the current political scenario things are turning into a jigsaw puzzle for the ordinary citizens of Pakistan, uncertainty prevailing among them. After the Panama Papers case verdict, the political scenario has changed dramatically. All the players are now moving to get their share of power. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his party are both trying to save their regime by buying time. The “invisible forces” who actually run the power chessboard are willing to give Sharif the time he is striving for, but

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