Times of Malta ‒ Godfrey Farrugia resigns as Labour Party whip

Updated 1.15pm – Added PN remarks

Godfrey Farrugia has resigned as Labour Party whip. 

In an open letter to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Dr Farrugia said that Labour Party ideals had been betrayed to push forward the agenda of “the few who do not have the national interest at heart.”

Dr Farrugia said that he would be staying on as a PL MP, in an attempt to push for change from within the party. 

“I thought it through at great length,” Dr Farrugia wrote in his open letter, “I voted as whip even when I was asked to vote against my own conscience.” 

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Dr Farrugia said that he remained convinced that the PL could “change the country’s direction around” in the final year of its legislature. “To do this, the government must assume a form that will see it regain lost credibility,” he wrote. 

“I hope I can

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