April 2017

PARIS (AFP) – The Panama Papers have given ammunition to the fight against tax evasion, but much still needs to happen before the world’s tax dodgers run out of places to hide money, experts say. The papers, published a year ago, linked some of the world’s most powerful leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and […]

This article first appeared on the Just Security site. While names like Carter Page, Roger Stone and Michael Flynn dominate headlines amid allegations of possible collusion with Russia, there’s another angle to Donald Trump’s connections to the former Soviet Union that’s only beginning to receive the attention it deserves. This is the series of murky financial dealings […]

//php echo Assets::css(); ? | | April 01, 2017 World PANAMA CITY: It’s been a year since the Panama Papers burst on the scene. The scandal has rocked governments, exposed high-profile personalities, triggered scores of investigations around the world and dealt a blow to Panama as an offshore financial hub. What are the Panama Papers? […]