June 2017

As the day of reflection draws closer I thought I’d write about the profound choice we’re all facing come election day. Voting is personal and I’m not a big fan of all these statuses on social media which give a run down of voting intentions. This post is not meant to tell you how to […]

The four-week snap electoral campaign comes to an end today. People have had the opportunity to analyse and ponder on the stakes in this Saturday’s ballot contest. One dominant issue of concern remained on people’s minds throughout the campaign: corruption. Both parties have showered voters with attractive proposals, but there is one very important electoral […]

On Dec. 20, 1989, President George H.W. Bush sent 27,000 troops to Panama to topple the dictatorship of self-declared “Maximum Leader,” Manuel Noriega. The invasion — code-named “Operation Just Cause” — killed 23 U.S. personnel and several hundred Panamanians in the name of protecting U.S. citizens and interests as well as restoring Panama’s path to […]

Date 31/05/2017 Consultation process Legal Basis   Related documents: Consultation Paper on RTS on the implementation of group wide AML-CFT policies in third countries (EBA-CP-2017-08) [PDF, 285KB] Related links: Public hearing RTS on the implementation of group wide… read more at: http://www.mondovisione.com/media-and-resources/news/esas-consult-on-technical-standards-to-strengthen-group-wide-money-laundering-an/