Pakistan court resumes Sharif ‘corruption’ hearings

Islamabad, Pakistan – Pakistan’s Supreme Court has resumed deliberations in a corruption case that could unseat Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, after investigators tasked with probing the allegations submitted their findings to judges on Monday.

The Joint Investigative Team (JIT), consisting of investigators from Pakistan’s police, military and financial regulators spent 60 days gathering evidence and questioning witnesses regarding the prime minister’s family’s assets.

The investigators have recommended that a case be filed against Sharif in the a National Accountability Court, after concluding that there were “significant gap[s]” in Sharif’s family’s ability to account for their assets.

“Failure on the part of all respondents to produce the requisite information confirming ‘known sources of income’ is […] tantamount to not being able to justify assets and the means of income,” read the conclusion of the report, a partial copy of which was obtained by Al Jazeera.

Sharif himself appeared before the inquiry on June 15, while

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