Maryam’s mandate: Nawaz Sharif’s daughter is also his defender No 1

If America has Ivanka Trump its on-off-on partner Pakistan has Maryam Nawaz Sharif. Not only did she help manage the election campaign that brought her father to power, she has since grown in reputation as a trusted and influential adviser. Now that the prime minister is embattled in the so-called Panama Papers corruption scandal, his daughter has also emerged as his defender number 1.

Even as a joint investigation team seeks to establish money laundering charges against the first family, the telegenic first daughter with an MA in English literature, a biggish youth connect and around 3.5 million Twitter followers avows the whole case “will not only be contested but decimated” in the Supreme Court. Of course her name is very much in the Panama Papers too, something the opposition is fully milking, hoping it will “kill” any aspirations to perpetuate the Sharif dynasty – through her at any rate.

But South

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