Panama-hit Nawaz Sharif gives Army room to upend ties with Delhi

NEW DELHI: Pakistan, which faces elections in a year, has plunged into yet another political crisis, giving the all-powerful army the upper hand. That’s having an impact on Islamabad’s policy towards neighbours India and Afghanistan. It is no secret that the Pakistan army shapes the country’s policy toward Delhi and Kabul and further deterioration in Indo-Pak ties cannot be ruled out under the institution gaining strength amid a weakening political class. Delhi though has decided to devote less diplomatic capital to Islamabad and focus instead on Beijing – the guarantor of Pakistan’s security. Sharif’s facing the threat of corruption investigations following the publication of the Panama Papers.

What would have pleased India is the US House of Representatives on Friday voting for three legislative amendments to impose tougher conditions on the reimbursement of defence funding to Pakistan, making it conditional on Islamabad showing

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