The Panama Papers and a Microsoft font could bring down the government in Pakistan

In Pakistan’s short, turbulent history, every prime ministership has ended in dismissal, resignation, assassination or a military coup. No premier in 70 years has completed the full five-year term.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif — who has been ousted twice before — was on track to end that streak. But now he faces a new and unusual type of ignominy: He could be done in by a corruption scandal involving leaked documents, London apartments and a Microsoft font.

Pakistan’s Supreme Court opened hearings Monday following a report by an investigative panel that concluded Sharif, his two sons and daughter had lied about their offshore wealth and held assets they couldn’t afford based on their known sources of income.

The judges could dismiss Sharif from office or order he be tried on charges of corruption and money laundering. The 67-year-old prime minister has denied all the allegations and dismissed the investigation into his wealth as

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