Attacks on Muscat, Malta

When our Prime Minister went to the European Parliament to defend his government’s case on the question of  ‘rule of law’ in our country, which was the subject of a debate instigated by the Nationalist Party and their colleagues in the EPP,  Joseph Muscat was defending Malta’s name and not just the Labour government’s.

During that debate, attended by around 30 MEPs from a total complement of 751, what stood out so shockingly was the personal attack on Muscat made by the PN MEPs, particularly David Casa. Besides, of course, the attack by Werner Langen, a very close friend and colleague of Simon Busuttil and the PN in the EPP, who also happens to head the Pana committee investigating the Panama Papers revelations.

The PN MEPs’ ferocious and disloyal attack on Muscat brought in its wake a tsunami of harsh counter-attacks here in Malta. They were accused of being “traitors”, among other colourful

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