Here are four things you need to know about the Panama Papers case verdict today

Nawaz Sharif

NEWS DESK: The Panama Papers case verdict is naturally the talk of the town. The verdict, which is expected to decide whether the PM will stay in office or not, is going to be out in a few hours. While the case spanned over nine months beginning from 20 October 2016, we have jot down some important developments you need to know about the case proceedings:

1. Verdict out soon

Judges Reamrks Panama Case Isb Pkg 17-07

The verdict will be announced by the five-member bench by 11:30am. Two judges of the bench, Justice Asif Khosa and Justice Gulzar Ahmed, have declared Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif unfit for office. The remaining three will announce their decision in light of the JIT report today. Justice Khosa will head the bench. The verdict had been reserved on July

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