Clean-up of corrupt civil and military elements necessary for Pakistan’s survival

As a hitherto lucky Nawaz Sharif was booted out from power, for the third time, last week, hardly a whiff of protest was heard. There was a deafening calm and a sense of relief all around, including the all-important security establishment.

I used the words “booted out” because his last two stints as prime minister were abruptly axed in 1993 and 1999 by Pindi boots—by Pakistan’s military establishment. But this time they intelligently stayed away and quietly, and rightly, gave confidence to the apex court judges as the Panama Papers’ judicial noose was enough to do the job.

The Sharif family had been caught red-handed with its hands, feet and neck deep in the cookie jar. Numerous cases of corruption, money laundering and violation of oath were detected to be tried now. There was relief because Sharif began his term by taking on the army on key national policy issues — how

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