Nawaz Sharif’s family to face 4 cases after Panama Papers verdict

ISLAMABAD: The Sharif family will face four cases for allegedly possessing offshore assets following the Supreme Court’s direction that corruption cases be filed against Nawaz Sharif and his children over the Panama Papers scandal, the National Accountability Bureau announced today.

The Supreme Court had ordered the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to start a corruption case against Sharif, his children — Hussain and Hassan — and his daughter Maryam.

The Supreme Court ordered that the cases against them be registered within six weeks and trial be completed within six months after the registration of the cases.

The National Accountability Bureau said the cases would be filed in the Islamabad/Rawalpindi accountability courts within six weeks of the top court’s judgement, The Express Tribune reported.

The cases would be related to four flats in the Avenfield House, Park Lane,

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