Global media got it wrong: Nawaz Sharif’s ouster was more due to his failures than a malicious plot

As news broke of Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification as Pakistan’s Prime Minister by the Supreme Court on July 28, the international press kicked into high gear to cover the story and make sense of what had happened.

However, the over-arching narrative left a lot to be desired.

While some articles were perceptive, such as Omar Warraich’s piece in The Atlantic, much of the coverage had factual errors and presented simplistic arguments that ultimately painted Sharif as a fallen hero who had once again succumbed to the deep state’s (essentially the ISI and the army) machinations.

For instance, in an article headlined “Sharif’s Ouster is Bad News” in Bloomberg, Mihir Sharma said:

“When Sharif was elected, you could hope that, under him, Pakistan would grow closer to India and the west, crack down on terrorism, and reform its economy. You can

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