Panama Papers: The ghost of corruption will destabilise our country one day and then… – 1

Therefore, the decision taken by the Pakistan Supreme Court in the Panama Papers Scandal is worth emulating by our courts and our law makers. The Pak court heard the case and pronounced the verdict in just 15 months. Is this possible in our country?

On July 28 2017, the Supreme Court of Pakistan gave a landmark judgement and disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif from holding any public office following Panama Papers Scandal. As soon as the court pronounced its verdict, Sharif, with no option left, resigned. As I was reading the reports of his resignation, nay sacking, a thought crossed my mind about the events revolving around similar corruption cases in our country.

For some reason or the other, in our country, there is no difference between political parties and their stance when it comes to corruption. Be it a Congress-led United Progressive Alliance

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