Pakistan’s Ousted Leader Criticizes Court Ruling and Plans Public Rally

Mr. Sharif’s failure to disclose his role in a Dubai-based company run by one of his two sons led the Supreme Court to use a clause of the Constitution that requires public office holders to be “honest and faithful.”

“I never received any salary from my son’s company,” Mr. Sharif said. “How can a tax return about it be filed?”

He added, “I am a man who believes in the rule of law, but there should be law and there should be a rule.”

Revelations about the Sharif family’s offshore wealth first surfaced in last year’s Panama Papers, and since then, Mr. Sharif has faced allegations of corruption and money laundering, with the campaign spearheaded by Imran Khan, an opposition politician who hopes to win the prime minister’s office in the 2018 elections.

After months of court hearings and an investigation ordered

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