A maze to the start

In a recent newspaper column in the Turkish daily, ‘YeniSafak’, a Turkish columnist called former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s ouster as a ‘judicial coup’ in Pakistan. According to him, what he calls conspiracies were hatched and executed in Turkey’s recent past as well but they failed due to the awareness and prompt action of the Turkish people. He ends his column with the following lines: “Fortunately, Turkey is not like Pakistan. President Erdogan is not like Sharif and the Turkish people are not like Pakistanis.”

I don’t endorse the writer’s view of there being a conspiracy anywhere in the Panama affair but the words of the Turkish writer are a stark reality check for us, even though they carry a condescending tone towards Pakistanis. It is a recorded fact that our history is replete with examples of ambitious individuals disrupting the political evolution of our country with the overt and covert support

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