Pakistan’s Game of Thrones: Does Sharif’s Removal Signal the End of Dynastic Politics?

Nawaz Sharif was forced to resign as Pakistan’s prime minister last month when the country’s Supreme Court disqualified him from holding public office after a corruption inquiry into his alleged involvement in the Panama Papers affair.

Although Sharif was not named in the Panama Papers leak, it was alleged that three of his children were owners of off-shore companies suspected of money laundering. Sharif himself denies all allegations.

Some have argued that the removal of an elected prime minister by the judiciary is not good for the future of the country. The traditional charge has always been that the military and the ‘deep state’ always act to remove elected officials and that, once again, the biggest beneficiary of this has been the army.

However, this narrative is somewhat dated, for there are those who suggest that the prime minister’s removal by a court is definitely good for the country and

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