The verdict is in – The Nation

Over one and a half years ago, Pakistanis woke up to a revelation via Panama through the loud messengers that appeared on live TV every day to expose everything, things that existed, or those they wanted to exist. We, the Pakistanis learned that more than 400 among our pious nation are corrupt to the core and that they have invested undeclared money in offshore companies; money which they have earned through corruption in Pakistan. Immediately after this revelation, so many promotors rushed to rally around these messengers to enlighten the nation about this evil of corruption and about the list of those corrupt, who were exposed in the Panama revelation.

The revelation was so overwhelmingly spiced up that some political parties willingly, some unwillingly and those left with no choice joined the messengers and the promotors in this jihad against supposedly the biggest case of corruption in the history of Pakistan.


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