Panama papers being probed but India won’t follow Pakistan’s example: Govt

Answering questions over the fate of Panama papers, the government said on Thursday every account named in the leak is being probed but made it clear that nobody would be punished here without a proper process, unlike Pakistan where Nawaz Sharif was removed as Prime Minister.

“Nobody has ever taken more action than this government on foreign account details which have come,” finance minister Arun Jaitley said in the Rajya Sabha while replying to a debate on Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill which was passed by the House later.

Referring to the Panama papers leak, he said “every account” in it is being investigated.

“We have a rule of law. We do not have system like the neighbouring country where you remove first and then have a trial,” Jaitley said, clearly referring to Sharif who was ousted last month over the Panama papers leak issue.

Sharif had to resign after the Pakistan Supreme Court disqualified

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