Failed State, corrupt State

It is hardly surprising that the investigation into the Panama Papers described by Edward Snowden as “the biggest leak in the history of data journalism” has rocked the boat in Pakistan. It has been revealed that Nawaz Sharif, as Prime Minister, had used two companies in the British Virgin Islands~ Nescoll and Nielson ~ for dubious business deals, that he bought luxury homes through these companies in such places as London, and that the owner, at least till 2012, was Mariam Safdar, née Sharif, the daughter of Nawaz.

The former Prime Minister has been targeted ever since it was revealed that shell companies were owned by his
children, and that they owned property in London worth millions of pounds. Despite the furore and cries of “blue murder” one gets to hear about his disqualification from holding public office by Pakistan’s Supreme Court and not by the powerful military, and the point

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