The Butterfly Effect Or Is It, Indeed, The Wrath of God!

Those who don’t believe in God the Almighty Creator should not read this article. They will find that their time has been wasted.

An American scholar/analyst of sorts recently wrote that he fears a ‘Black Swan’ event in Pakistan. Americans love giving fancy names to things, especially to nefarious things in which they often play a part. A Black Swan is an huge unexpected event that has great impact. A false flag operation, which was used by Hitler and is now used by America and many other countries, is usually a Black Swan event.

More unpredictable and impactful is what one calls the ‘Butterfly Effect’, something ostensibly so insignificant that few notice it or realize how far its waves would soundlessly reach. A butterfly flaps its wings in Panama and its shock waves reach thousands of miles away. That is just what we saw happen in Pakistan and other countries when Nawaz

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