Germany is willing to give Netherlands access to Panama Papers

Photo: Joep Poulssen

The German authorities are in principle willing to share relevant information about the Panama Papers with the Netherlands, junior finance minister Eric Wiebes has told parliament.

According to German media, the German federal crime office BKA paid up to €5m for for the records of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca which reveal the tax evasion strategies used by thousands of companies, politicians, sports stars and businessmen.

Wiebes said in answer to MPs questions that ‘talks are taking place at official level with the BKA’. The BKA has already said it is willing to share relevant data with the Netherlands. ‘It is currently being investigated whether, how and under what conditions the documents can be shared,’ the junior minister said.

However, parliament will have to wait until November for further information when the tax office publishes its half-year report containing a

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