By Nominating His Wife Kulsoom, Has Sharif Made the Right Choice?

This change of plan has created friction within the family. Nawaz first announced Shehbaz as his successor but later led everyone to believe that Shehbaz’s absence from Punjab would be a disaster during this crisis. Shehbaz, on the other hand, wanted his son Hamza to take over Punjab after his election. However, both Shehbaz and his son’s hopes were crushed after Kulsoom’s nomination.

Later, PML-N announced that Shehbaz would become the party president. However the post was given to Sardar Yaqoob Nasar from Balochistan. The friction has increased to such an extent that Hamza,who is considered to be the strategist for all election campaigns, is not looking after Kulsoom’s campaign. In fact, he will be leaving Pakistan days before the election.

In the meantime Kulsoom Nawaz has been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a type of cancer, and is undergoing treatment in London. Her daughter Maryam has started the campaign on her behalf.

But the

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