Firefighter recruit fired, 3 resign in noose investigation

POMPANO BEACH — A Florida fire chief fired a firefighter recruit and accepted the resignations of three others following an investigation into a noose left hanging over the chair of the only black recruit in a class of six on their last day of training.

The men described what happened on June 7 as a “joke,” but Pompano Beach Chief John Jurgle said he won’t “tolerate this kind of thing.”

“I heard the word ‘joke’ a lot and I said, ‘Explain the joke to me, explain how this is funny,’ “Jurgle said. “They haven’t been able to do that.”

Jurgle tells the SunSentinel he found out July 26 and the investigation wrapped up Wednesday. Pompano Beach is north of Miami in South Florida.

On the day it happened, Vilbert Green left the room to do a cleanup task. When he returned he found the noose dangling

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