Find and hide again. New offshore dossier puts Russian oligarchs and businessmen in jeopardy

In the framework of its sanctions, the U.S. intends to collect data on possessions and assets of Russian businessmen and make those available to the public. While the oligarchs keep silence, smaller businessmen are figuring out where to hide their capitals. The CrimeRussia reviewed the threats faced by Russian entrepreneurs due to the new sanction measures.

Only 180 days left

Some seemingly unrelated events have occurred in August and laid grounds for a major offshore scandal that may reach its peak in late January–early February 2018. While ordinary Russian citizens haven’t even noticed these events, oligarchs, big businessmen, and corrupt officials already started looking for new places to hide their ‘savings’.

On August 4, U.S. President Donald Trump signed a bill proposed by the Congress and imposing new sanctions against Russia. The new measures are primarily focused on the collection of information about key political figures and

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