Journalists successfully used secure computing to expose Panama …

CLEMSON, South Carolina — A team of researchers from Clemson University, Columbia University Journalism School and the University of Washington has discovered a security success in an unlikely place: the “Panama Papers.”

“Success stories in computer security are rare,” said Franzi Roesner, assistant professor at the University of Washington’s Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science Engineering and one of the principal investigators on this project. “But we discovered that the journalists involved in the Panama Papers project seem to have achieved their security goals.”

The Panama Papers project was a year-long collaborative investigation of leaked documents detailing the uses of offshore funds by clients of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. During this project, a large, diverse group of globally distributed journalists collaborated remotely via the internet while achieving their security goals.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning Panama Papers investigation exposed offshore companies linked to more than 140 politicians in more than 50

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