QBullet: Conductor Held for Murder of Schoolboy; No-Fly List Out

The Karnataka government on Friday announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh for information helping crack the murder of journalist and activist Gauri Lankesh, who was shot dead outside her home in Bengaluru three days ago.

The government, however, was non-committal on handing over the probe into the killing, which sparked outrage and nationwide protests, to the Central Bureau of Investigation, as demanded by Lankesh’s brother.

“I have known the family since the days of P Lankesh, I will speak to them and come to a decision,” chief minister Siddaramaiah said to a question if the case would be handed over to the CBI.

P Lankesh was the father of Gauri and a well-known Kannada writer, poet and journalist.

Source: Hindustan Times

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