Slow UK aid for hurricane-hit islands linked to tax haven ties

Aid offered by the British government to its hurricane-battered territories in the Caribbean has been dismissed as “derisory” by a former attorney general of one of the worst-hit islands.

Rupert Jones, who completed a two-year posting to Anguilla last year, suggested the government’s reluctance to commit significant aid may be motivated by embarrassment over its role in sustaining tax havens in the region.

In an article for the Guardian, Jones dismissed as “a drop in the Caribbean Sea” the £32m allocated by the government for British overseas territories hit by the most powerful Atlantic storm on record.

He pointed out that the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, who is expected to travel to Anguilla to highlight British aid efforts, had indicated that £28m of the aid had already been spent. “Are we to believe it will only release a further £4m? This

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