Hurricane Irma has devastated British territories – so why such little aid?

Hurricane Irma, now seemingly in its final throes, has shattered Caribbean islands for which the UK is ultimately responsible. The government now appears to be taking that responsibility more seriously: the foreign secretary, Boris Johnson said he will spend the coming days visiting the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and Anguilla, two of the British dependencies worst hit by Irma. This is beginning to look like an appropriate response.

Until last year, I served as attorney general for Anguilla and my thoughts are with friends and all those who have died or have lost homes and businesses. Media attention will soon move on but the aftermath for many will be grim for months to come: no home, no power, no schools. This will be compounded if the UK’s reconstruction effort is not quick and effective. Equally, we must be careful of colonial attitudes to “victims”. Many of the

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