A Rundown Of Everything That’s Happened With Egrant Since The Election

Allegations that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s wife owned a mysterious offshore Panama company called Egrant triggered a general election three months ago. 

Over 100 days since the election, many questions remain unanswered and – if anything – the whole situation has become murkier. 

Lovin Malta had closely followed the Egrant case in the months before the election and, with investigations reportedly close to conclusion, here’s a rundown of how the scandal developed after Labour’s massive victory at the polls.

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1. Muscat says Egrant allegations have not left him bitter (4th June) 


After leading Labour to a resounding victory over the Nationalist Party, Joseph Muscat uses the Egrant story to make a case for national unity. 

“My wife and I got attacked more than anyone throughout this campaign, but we have no bitterness and hatred in our hearts,” he said. 

The two other protagonists in the

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