Desperate times: the Nigeria experience

Many times man is confronted by circumstances that tend to dehumanize him. On daily basis, diverse forces combine to divest him of the trappings of humanness. In such situation he reacts to the vagaries of his own existence, desperate to fill a perceived void.  Desperation is an inevitable factor of humanity however; the difference is the degree of its occurrence in the lives of people. Its tragic hue is underscored by the tendency to benumb the victim in an intoxicating manner rubbing him of any sense of restrain. A desperate man is a bull in a China shop, a moving inferno ready to destroy anything in its way to actualize his inordinate longings. A desperate man repudiates advice, abhors reason and wallows in forlorn self convictions.

It is only desperation that can explain why a woman will go to a deity to procure a covenant in order to have a child.

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