The week at a glance

‘Changing of the guard’

In a brief ceremony at the Nationalist Party headquarters, outgoing PN leader Simon Busuttil handed over the keys of his office to his successor, Adrian Delia.

What made the headlines

One in five is victim of online fraud: One in five Maltese has been a victim of online shopping fraud, according to a new EU-wide Eurobarometer survey.  Respondents complained that items purchased were not delivered, were counterfeit or were not as advertised. That places Malta in the top three countries experiencing the phenomenon. The Maltese were also among the most likely Europeans to express concern over the proliferation of online shopping fraud, with 75 per cent doing so.

PN leader backs Busuttil in Panama Papers case: Adrian Delia turned up in court in what was seen as a show of support for his predecessor Simon Busuttil’s bid to see the Panama Papers scandal investigated. Dr Delia was present for an

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