Former Prime Minister Leaves Party To Form New One

Former Prime Minister and Chairman of the Progressive Party Sigmundur Davið Gunnlaugsson announced in a letter on his website he will be leaving the party to form a new one. The letter, released yesterday, is a lengthy one which traces his career in politics from when he was elected chairman of the Progressive Party in 2009, through forming a government, and his resignation following the Panama Papers scandal in 2016. Sigmundur claims that throughout his time as chairman, six attempts were made to oust him from the party.

He states that he hopes to form a new party with people willing to work on the same grounds “as we sought to do from 2009 to 2016”.

Sigmundur announced his departure less than two hours before a meeting of his constituency. In the letter, he states that he would have liked to inform Progressive Party members of his decision before

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