Iceland’s government has collapsed because the prime minister’s …

Bjarni Benediktsson of the Independence Party gestures Oct. 29, 2016, after the first results of the election in Reykjavik, Iceland. (Frank Augstein/AP)

On Sept. 15 — in a shockingly quick implosion — Iceland’s government collapsed, again. This is the third male-led center-right government in a row to lose the confidence of the Icelandic population before serving out its full term.

Why do Icelanders keep electing these coalitions that keep collapsing?

Iceland is a microstate of some 300,000, in which outrage reverberates quickly through the Internet echo chamber. Despite having an elected president with some policymaking authority, Iceland is mostly a parliamentary democracy where coalition governments are common. In recent cycles, the multiparty system has included several new parties, such as the Pirate Party, which have shaken up the system. Put these together and it explains the new volatility within Iceland’s system. But it doesn’t

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